I am a UK-based Full Stack Freelance Web Developer and consultant at Websomatic, developing API's, Web Systems and mobile applications using PHP, Python, Docker and JavaScript. I teach programming and I'm a video instructor at Manning Publications and Packt Publications. I am also the host of the How To Code Well podcast and YouTube channel.

Peter Fisher Freelance Web Developer

I develop responsive web applications, e-commerce systems, Microsites, API's and have published several mobile applications. I work for startups, SME's and corporates all over the world. I have 20 years experience in web development and can be hired as sub contractor, a consultant, teacher or developer. Occasionally I will work on C# but my main specialism is in PHP using Symfony and Laravel or Flask and Django with Python. I prefer to code vanilla JavaScript but I can work with Gatsby, React and VueJs. For a complete list of my skills and experience please see my CV.

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