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Fixing broken widgets in WordPress admin


Recently I was asked to fix some broken features in a WordPress admin system. Now WordPress have an active release cycle and so it’s admin system is usually quite stable, so my first guess was a recent plugin update may of broken something.

Replace WordPress search with Google Search


One of the biggest drivers on the web is searching for information and the largest search engine on the internet is Google. So why stick with the default search engine in WordPress which is, lets face it pretty poor at best. Instead using the default WordPress search feature you can tap into the power of Google search and display the results on a designated results page

How to add a Google Reader feed to WordPress


You may of noticed that in the footer there is a Google RSS feed to other web development blogs that I read. The feed is collected in Google Reader and will change whenever the feed picks up new content

Create a Google AdSense WordPress widget in minutes


Wordpress tutorial demonstrating how to create a Google Adsense advert widget in just a few minutes.

Include JavaScript files on certain WordPress pages

If you need to include javascript on certain WordPress pages then add the following logic in the header.php
Here I am registering and queuing up the wordCounter JavaScript file if the current page title is ‘wordCounter jQuery Plugin’.