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Bjarne Stroustrup: Why I Created C++

Bjarne Stroustrup is the creator of C++ and in this video he discusses the various reasons why he created the C++ programming language. Bjarne saw a gap in the programming landscape between hardware based languages and human level applications. He combined the data abstraction concepts of Simula and the low level hardware tasks of C […]

C++ Video Tutorial Switch Statements and Conditions

In the last part of tutorial two from Reconnectworks we are shown how to finish the simple command line calculator using C++. This tutorial demonstrates how to write switch and conditional statements as well as while loops.

C++ tutorial part two from Reconnectworks

This is the seconds part to Reconnectworks C++ video tutorials.  This tutorial will help you learn how to construct a simple command line calculator using conditional statements, switch statements, and loops in C++. The video also touches on changing the system properties such as changing the applications title and colour. If your new to programming […]

Learning C++ with Reconnetworks

This video tutorial gives a great overview of how a basic C++ program is constructed. reconnetworks has done a good job in talking about the syntax as he writes it. If you would like to learn C++ then I recommend his youtube channel.

The Lost Art Of Simplicity a talk by Josh Holmes

Keep It Simple Stupid

Recently I stumbled on a really sensible and frank lecture by Josh Holmes on how to keep things simple in software development. Josh uses Twitter as an example of a simple yet effective/innovative tool which, if you scrape away the bell and whistles is a basic communication tool