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Upgrading PHP on HostGater

PHP is a web based programming language

In this post I will show you how to upgrade PHP 5.2.17 to PHP 5.3.14 on HostGaters shared hosting platform using a .htaccess file.

Symfony2 Entity Dependency

I recently asked a question on stackoverflow on how to target an external Doctrine entity from a separate bundle. Simply put, how do we handle entity dependencies across bundles. In this post I would like to discuss my thought process in separating the entities and give more detail into the solution that was kindly added by Florent

Chaining setter methods in PHP

PHP is a web based programming language

PHP5 allows for method chaining as part of the OOP improvements over PHP4. This similar to how jQuery and other languages link methods together by passing the returned value to the chained method. This is brief example of how chaining works with accessor methods

Converting the first character in string to lowercase using PHP 5.2.x

PHP 5.2 does not include a function to convert the first character in a string to lowercase. This tutorial shows you how to do this in PHP 5.2. This has the same effect has the lcfirst function in PHP 5.3