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Solution to phpMyAdmin throwing a 404 error

PHP is a web based programming language

After reinstalling phpMyadmin on Ubuntu 12.04 I found that the site was throwing a 404 page not found error. This post discuses how to fix the phpMyadmin install problem.

LPIC-1 101 exam preparation and approach

After passing the LPIC-1 101 exam I complied a few pointers on how to prepare and approach the exam. Here are few pointers from that list.

Using the sort join and grep commands in Linux

Imagine you have two files, the first is a list of customers (customers.csv) and the second is a list of products (order_items.csv) that the customers have purchased.

You’ve been given the challenge to list all products that a specific customer has purchased and order the output by the products price. This example demonstrates the grep, join and sort commands as well as pipes, streams and redirections

Downloading Debian or RPM packages without installing them

Both Debian and RPM based package management systems have utility’s that allow packages to be downloaded and not installed. These packages can then be installed later. This is useful if you have limited bandwidth or if you want to perform an upgrade on several systems which have the same package structure at a later time.

LPIC-1 Preparation Video

I have found this video on the linuxmagazineacademy’s youtube channel. The speaker (Ross Brunson) is the trainer for Linux Magazine Academy LPIC-1 online training. In this video Ron raises some good points on how to prepare for the LPIC-1 exam (Which I’m taking this year). Ron outlines the does and dont’s when studying for the certification.