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Convert a batch of MP3 files to OGG using dir2ogg

Linux penguin Tux

A bash tutorial demonstrating how to convert mp3 files to ogg format under Linux.
In this example i show how to use the dir2ogg format to convert a folder of mp3 files to the open source ogg format.
The tutorial covers how to install dir2ogg as well as how to use it.

Clearing the Bash History

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After awhile the bash history can get filled with loads of commands and sometimes you want to clear it down. Maybe you want to see only the commands that you have recently used or just doing some house keeping. You may even be on another server and you dont want to commands to be audited. In this post I will show you how to completely clear the bash history.

Searching and Running a Command from Bash History

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How many times have you retyped the same bash command over and over again or forgotten the the ssh host address that you used last week? If your answer is lots then read on.  In this post I discuss the bash history command and how to  search for and rerun previous commands that you have […]

Count lines of code in a Linux directory

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In this bash tutorial I demonstrate how to count the lines of code in a directory using the wc command in Linux. This example also details how to use Linux output redirection by combining multiple programs to return the desired output.

Using the sort join and grep commands in Linux

Imagine you have two files, the first is a list of customers (customers.csv) and the second is a list of products (order_items.csv) that the customers have purchased.

You’ve been given the challenge to list all products that a specific customer has purchased and order the output by the products price. This example demonstrates the grep, join and sort commands as well as pipes, streams and redirections