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wordCounter jQuery Plugin now prevents further input

As requested by Irvin in a comment on the wordCounter documentation, I have updated the plugin to prevent further input if the limit is reached. Unfortunately the original implementation didn’t allow additional features to be included without a lot of re factoring.  So I decided to recode the plugin from scratch. From the the git […]

WordCounter jQuery Plugin

I have added my jQuery WordCounter plugin under the “Code” page. This is simple plugin that counts the words in a target text input and displays a counter in a div.  A limit can be added to the counter and when reached a warning message is shown. Other options such are negative numbers and custom […]

Include JavaScript files on certain WordPress pages

If you need to include javascript on certain WordPress pages then add the following logic in the header.php
Here I am registering and queuing up the wordCounter JavaScript file if the current page title is ‘wordCounter jQuery Plugin’.