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jQuery 2.0 drops support for IE 6 to 8

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jQuery 2.0 is dropping support for IE6 to 8. This is good news for developers and websites

Fixing broken widgets in WordPress admin


Recently I was asked to fix some broken features in a WordPress admin system. Now WordPress have an active release cycle and so it’s admin system is usually quite stable, so my first guess was a recent plugin update may of broken something.

Create a popunder in JavaScript

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How to create a JavaScript Popunder window. A JavaScript popunder window is a new browser window that opens without removing the browser focus from the orginal window. Popunder windows are oftern used in marketing spam and downloads.

Speeding up your site a few quick wins

Web Page Speed Matters

When improving the scaling performance of a site, people often jump to the server side to do all the tweaks. True the server side is the main point for logical requests, crunching algorithms, and data storage/retrieval. So big wins will be made on the server end. The other area of improvement is the client side. This is often over looked when monitoring the speed of a site. Think of how many HTTP requests your pages are calling. Can these be reduced in some way?

Embedding JavaScript in WordPress Posts


Some of my posts such as the wordCounter jQuery plugin include external JavaScript files via a condition in the themes header file. This is demonstrated in a previous WordPress tutorial. In answer to Anands question about triggering JavaScript functions from a within a page, I’m going to explain how to quickly embed a script within […]