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Adding Google Web Fonts To A Website

Use Google Web Fonts to make your site standout

The standard set of fonts on the web are pretty boring. These fonts are ‘web-safe’ and can be used on multiple browsers. Here is a table taken from ampsoft of all the mundane fonts that can be safely used on the web. We can spice up the web typography by using Google Web Fonts

How to add a Google Reader feed to WordPress


You may of noticed that in the footer there is a Google RSS feed to other web development blogs that I read. The feed is collected in Google Reader and will change whenever the feed picks up new content

Browser Auto Updates is it a Good Or Bad thing.

FireFox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome are all pushing silent updates to your browser. As a developer I think this is the correct way forward but as a consumer I have my concerns.

How to stop Google Analytics from tracking your IP

Google Analytics is a must have tool for SEO junkies. I’ve recently added it to a few of my own sites but unfortunately I didn’t set up the filtering so Analytics thought I was a visitor. I started working on a site locally over the weekend and forgot the tracking code was still active. This meant that for two days the site had a massive spike in visitors. Of course this was me refreshing the pages as I was developing the site. Lesson learnt!

So heres how to exclude your IP from Google Analytics.