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Top 5 Web Development Languages To Learn 2017

Want to learn a web development programming language in 2017?

Why I Have Turned My Back On Windows When Developing Websites

Its been a few years since I used a Microsoft Windows device to develop websites.

What Defines a Great Web Developer

What defines a great web developer?

Types Of Web Developer

Whats the difference between a Backend developer and a Front-end web developer. Or Whats the difference between a Database developer and front end developer.

Web Development Frameworks - When you should and should not use them

A web chat on when to use and not use web frameworks.

HowToCodeWell YouTube channel now has a Facebook page

The How To Code Well YouTube channel now has a Facebook page and previous web development tutorials and web chats will be uploaded.

If you are on Facebook then please like the page:


Why Deploying Websites Via FTP Is BAD

In this video I discuss 3 reasons why I think deploying large scale websites via FTP is a bad idea.

How Much Hardware Do You Need To Build Websites (2016)

Lets talk about the minimum hardware requirements for developing multiple websites in 2016



Peter Fisher


US 2016 Presidential Election #1 Social Media

Todays talk is about the US 2016 Presidential Election and its social media implications.

Dash API Documentation Review

A web development chat about Dash. Dash is a great API documentation tool that can used to view programming documentation when offline.

US Election 2016 #2 Hilarys Email Scandal & Convenience Lessons

The second part of the US Election 2016 web chat. Today we talk about the Hilary Clinton email scandal and what lessons we as a tech community can learn.

Microsoft is phasing out Adobe Flash Player 💀 | Web development chat

Microsoft has announced that they are phasing out Adobe Flash Player with the next updates of Windows 10.

Top 5 Reasons To Learn Docker For Web Developers

These are my top five reasons to learn Docker for web development.

Public WiFi Security Rant | Web development chat

Public Wifi security is not good enough. In this web development chat I discuss my concerns over working remotely when using wifi provided by the service industry

Best Ways To Learn Programming

Todays web development chat is a discussion on the best ways to learn programming.

5 Things Every Web Development Team Should Do In 2017

Peter Fisher Talks about the top 5 things every web development team should be doing in 2017.

Expect These At Your Web Development Interview | Web Chat

In todays Web Chat Peter Fisher talks about what to expect in a web development interview.

AWS Dependency Awareness Day | Web Chat

In this web chat I talk about the AWS outage that happened this week (Tuesday/Wednesday depending on timezone).

When To Move On In Your Web Development Career | Web Chat

Peter Fisher talks about when to. move on in a web development career.

Toxicity Amongst Programmers and Its Impact On Junior Developers | Web Chat

Have you ever been told that you are not a proper programmer or that you aren't learning a real programming language?

Music I Listen To When Programming

Lets talk about what music is best when programming, studying and cramming down to reach a deadline.

Am I Too Old To Be A Web Developer | Web Chat

I've was recently asked if 27 is to too old to become a web developer.

Using Upwork (Elance) As A Freelancer

Several years ago I was working on projects from Elance and freelancer.

Web Development Career Advice | Lessons For My Former Self

After nearly 10 years of web development I look back and give my former self some web development career advice.

Web Development Goals 2017

Here is my web development learning journey for 2017

British Computer Society and HTML Training

Two very exciting announcements.

Web Development Milestones | Reaching 1000 Subscribers

A term I hear a lot is web development milestones. It's like a fashionable buzzword amongst developers and marketeers. As the HowToCodeWell channel pushes up to 1000 subscribers I look at what a web development milestone actually is and ask these

Web Development News 2017 | New W3C Sensors

In May 2017 the W3C announced a working draft for new sensors and this has the potential to be big news for web development.

Web Chat: What is a true web developer?

In this How To Code Well Web chat Peter Fisher talks about what is a true web developer.