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Freelancing How I Got Started - Interview With Powerslacker

I was recently interviewed by Powerslacker about how I got started as a freelancer.

Expect These At Your Web Development Interview | Web Chat

In todays Web Chat Peter Fisher talks about what to expect in a web development interview.

When To Move On In Your Web Development Career | Web Chat

Peter Fisher talks about when to. move on in a web development career.

Using Upwork (Elance) As A Freelancer

Several years ago I was working on projects from Elance and freelancer.

Web Development Career Advice | Lessons For My Former Self

After nearly 10 years of web development I look back and give my former self some web development career advice.

Will A Web Development Degree Improve My Career?

Do you need a degree to be a web developer?

Web Development Interviews What You Shouldn't Do

In this talk we discuss what not to do in a web development interview.

Solving Bugs Junior Web Developers

Every web developer solves bugs and every web developer creates bugs. There are good tools and applications that web developers can use to help discover and solve these issues.