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PHP South Coast Conference UK 2017 #phpsc17

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My travel video and summary of the PHP South Coast conference 2017 in Portsmouth UK

The talks I saw:

Day one:
- Keynote: The new Revolution by Sammantha Quinones
- 10 Practical ways to improve front-end performance by Andrew Rota
- Static Optimization of PHP Bytecode by Nikita Popov
- Managing Dependencies is more than running 'composer update' by Nils Adermann
- Knit 1. Perl 1 by Katy Ereira
- What's new in Xdebug? by Derick Rethans
- Don't Work for PHPCS, make PHPCS work for you by Juliette Reinders Folmer
- Don't believe everything you learn by Michael Heap
- My Favourite PHPStorm Surprises by Gary Hockin

Day two:
- 5 Features of a good API by Rob Allen
- Status Change: Now Using Event Souring by Emily Stamey
- How to handle poop by Andreas Heigl
- RegEx is your friend by Liam Wiltshire
- Connecting People - Identity In Your Platform by Rowan Merewood
- Keynote: Ethical Engineering by Christopher Hoult

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