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[#phpsrb17] Rasmus Lerdorf | Keynote

Keynote talk

[#phpsrb17] Nils Adermann | Managing dependencies is more than running composer update

You've used Composer so many times now, but how deep is your understanding of your dependencies? Can you get yourself out of every tricky situation? This talk will cover a broad range of dependency management subjects: From assessing the risk, e.g.

[#phpsrb17] Adam Culp | Does Your Code Measure Up?

After days, weeks, or months of coding many developers don't know how to gauge the quality of their code. Adam Culp will introduce tools to grade, benchmark, and analyze PHP code in an automated fashion allowing developers to write better quality

[#phpsrb17] Alexander Lisachenko | Solving Cross-Cutting Concerns in PHP

Everybody likes Object-Oriented Programming and wants to keep the source code clean and clear, but there are cross-cutting concerns that can not be solved easily such as logging, caching, authorization, transaction control and more. Are there any

[#phpsrb17] Andreas Heigl | Time is an illusion (lunchtime doubly so)

Have you ever read a "Good morning" in an international IRC-Channel shortly before you leave the office for lunch? In international business time is an illusion as everywhere is a different time. In this talk we'll dive into he depths of Timezones

[#phpsrb17] Anna Filina | Speed Up Your Database 300 Times

Are your queries slow? Learn how to speed them up through better SQL and use of meaningful indices. You will understand what works well and what doesn't, and will walk away with a checklist for faster databases. I expect that you will all be itching

[#phpsrb17] Christopher Riley | Microservices vs The Distributed Monolith

When faced with a challenging legacy code base, tightly coupled and void of discernible structure: a big ball of mud, it is common to decide to refactor this monolith to a microservice architecture to separate concerns and split the codebase up,

[#phpsrb17] Ivan Ćirić & Petar Slović | PHP and IoT: Creating a Deployment Device

We will create a fun and useful development and deployment tool.

[#phpsrb17] James Titcumb | Kicking off with Zend Expressive and Doctrine ORM

You've heard of Zend's new framework, Expressive, and you've heard it's the new hotness. In this talk, I will introduce the concepts of Expressive, how to bootstrap a simple application with the framework using best practices, and finally how to

[#phpsrb17] Michael Bodnarchuk | Beyond Testing

Yes, you know, you should have written that test! But what If you already do writing tests, but you don't see the result of your actions. Tests run slow, they are fragile, hard to read and maintain. Fixing a test is harder than disabling it.

[#phpsrb17] Michael Heap | Your butler just received an upgrade

Jenkins has been one of the most popular continuous integration systems out there for many years. It was perfectly functional, but the UI wasn't the friendliest in the world and configuring jobs through a UI or XML files was just painful.

[#phpsrb17] Miro Svrtan | Year with event sourcing and CQRS

For the last few years, PHP community has been buzzing about ES/CQRS, pretty much there was a talk on every conference. Now it's time to see how it worked out for me in practice.

PHP South Coast 2017 - Opening Keynote Arrival Timelapse

Everyone arriving in the Spectrum IT Room for the opening keynote at PHP South Coast 2017

PHP Serbia Conference 2017 phpsrb17

I attended the PHP Serbia Conference 2017

PHP South Coast Conference UK 2017 #phpsc17

My travel video and summary of the PHP South Coast conference 2017 in Portsmouth UK

PHP South West (phpsw) and Channel Updates

I attended PHP South Coast (PHPSW) meet up in Bristol UK. This video is a run down of the talks that I saw as well as some updates to the How To Code Well channel.

Deployment within a Traditional IT Environment - Rob Allen - PHPSW: Build & Deploy, August 2017

'Deployment within a Traditional IT Environment ', presented by Rob Allen at the PHPSW 'Build & Deploy' night in August 2017.

Code Like It's 1995 - Kat Zien - PHPSW: Lightning Talks, October 2017

'Code Like It's 1995', presented by Kat Zien at the PHPSW 'Lightning Talks' night in October 2017.

The Evolution of Agile - Oliver Price - PHPSW: Build & Deploy, August 2017

'The Evolution of Agile', presented by Oliver Price at the PHPSW 'Build & Deploy' night in August 2017.