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HTML For Beginners Tutorial #2 Links

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In the 2nd HTML tutorial hosted by Peter Fisher we look at linking web pages together.
This is a beginners HTML course that teaches the basics of HTML
HTML is the cornerstone of website development.

Git repo: https://github.com/pfwd/html-for-beginners

HTML lessons taught in this tutorial:
How HTML links work: https://youtu.be/rnS9TD7lcy8?t=9
New web page: https://youtu.be/rnS9TD7lcy8?t=9
Creating a HTML link: https://youtu.be/rnS9TD7lcy8?t=128
Creating local HTML links: https://youtu.be/rnS9TD7lcy8?t=179
Creating a HTML menu: https://youtu.be/rnS9TD7lcy8?t=287
Changing the link target: https://youtu.be/rnS9TD7lcy8?t=364
Create a link to a external webpage: https://youtu.be/rnS9TD7lcy8?t=451

Learn more about HTML5 with these study books
HTML5 in Action

Hello! HTML5 & CSS3: A user-friendly reference guide

- Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3 - Second Edition

Learn JavaScript:
Get Programming with JavaScript Next: http://bit.ly/2gx13Wu
Get Programming with JavaScript: http://bit.ly/2gx2G6A
VueJS in Action: http://bit.ly/2vYZZAs
ES6 In Motion: http://bit.ly/2xJ3i0z

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