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Docker In Motion Announcement

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I am proud to announce my new Docker course called Docker In Motion. This is an online course that I have developed for the Manning online video training platform.

The course is currently in MEAP (Early Access) and for a limited time I can offer a discount of 50% using the code: *vlfisher*

Get 50% off with discount code vlfisher

The course covers the following aspects of day to day Docker development:

* An introduction to Docker and how it works
* Image management
* Creating Docker images
* Managing containers
* Storing and managing data in volumes
* Linking your Docker containers
* Running a web server which is connected to a database
* Configuring containers using docker-compose

Included with the course is a forum where you can ask me and fellow students Docker related questions about the course.

The course also has a set of challenges and examples to test your Docker knowledge and skills.

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