How To Code Well YouTube Channel

Here you will find all the video tutorials from the How To Code Well YouTube channel. The channel is updated weekly with web and mobile development tutorials hosted by Peter Fisher.

The YouTube channel currently has tutorials based on PHP and MYSQL.  In the future I hope to add tutorials for Python, AlloyJs and many more. The tutorials start at very basic level so you don't need to be an expert in a particular language or have any previous programming experience to follow them.  As the tutorials progress they will become more advanced.

Alongside the programming tutorials there will be videos featuring software tips and tricks that will help you become a better developer.

Why do I produce these video tutorials

Everyone has a different learning style and some find it easier to absorb information better by watching a video explaining the subject. These videos are simple, short and to the point. Most of the tutorials are between 2 to 15 minutes long so they are quick to consume which means you can easily get on with your project.

Even though I studied programming at University I have learned a great deal from my work, the community and watching similar videos.  This is my way of giving back to the community and I hope that others can become better developers by watching these videos.

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Web Development Career Advice

Advice for junior and senior developers who wish to improve their web development careers. Videos for full time and freelance developers

Number of videos: 2

PHP Strings For Beginners

PHP tutorials for beginner programmers who wish to learn about PHP string manipulation. These tutorials cover the basics of string functions in PHP as well showing how to alter, count and concatenate strings.

Number of videos: 2

HTML Tutorials For Beginners

HTML For Beginners is a series of HTML tutorial videos that cover the basics of Hyper text Markup Language. Included in this tutorial series are: - HTML basics - HTML links - HTML images - HTML text formatting

Number of videos: 5

Docker Container Tutorials

Learn how to use Docker containers and images via the command line. These tutorials demonstrate how to install and use docker images to create docker containers that isolate applications. A new Docker container tutorial will be added each Tuesday so subscribe to ensure you don't miss a tutorial

Number of videos: 11

Web Development Chats

Web development and programming chats for the back end and front-end developer. I also talk about being a freelancer and give my thoughts on web development news. Occasionally I will review an application and give advice on how to become a web developer.

Number of videos: 21

Docker Machine Tutorials

Tutorials showing how to use docker machine via the command line. These tutorials will demonstrate the following: Creating a Docker machine Switching between Docker machines Basic command line tips and tricks.

Number of videos: 4

PHP Control Structures

PHP tutorials based on control structures. In these video tutorials you will learn how to use if statements, foreach loops, switch statements and other useful programming structures.

Number of videos: 5

PHP Array Tutorials

PHP array tutorials. You will learn how to create and manipluate php arrays. Included in this web series: How to create, unset and inspect a php array How to reindex a php array

Number of videos: 3

MYSQL Console Questions And Answers

Your MYSQL console questions answered

Number of videos: 4

MYSQL Console Tutorials

Video tutorials on how to use the MYSQL Console to administer MYSQL databases and tables

Number of videos: 16