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Windows Phone 7 Minor Improvements Wanted

Written by: Peter Fisher on April 28, 2012
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Windows Phone 7 is the next generation Windows Mobile Operating System

WP7 is Microsoft’s attempt to regain some ground in the mobile phone market

Three weeks ago I made the switch from Android  to Windows Phone 7 and I’m reasonably impressed by the Windows operating system. However I have listed a few useability  improvements which I would like to see in the next version.


When my old Android phone was on charge it would emit a small red light from the top of the case.  This would show me that the phone was indeed charging or needed to be charged.  When it was fully charged this light would change to green.  The Windows phone doesn’t have this notification unless it is turned on.  The trouble with this is that you need to turn the phone on to see if it is charging.  So how do I know when the phone is fully charged if its turned off…

People Hub – Social Media Accounts

People hub does not support Twitter direct messages, this is a real shame as I use this feature of alot . For an application that is supposed to handle all your social notifications within a single stream I am astonished that this Twitter function has been left out.

People Hub  –  User Interface

Within the  ‘Whats New ‘ section you can press and hold the screen to show a context menu. This menu only has the option to refresh the stream.  I think this should also give you the option to change which account the stream is pointed too.

To change the streams account you need to press on the accounts name (Twitter, Facebook or all) at the top of the ‘Whats new screen’ . This is great however as soon as you scroll down the stream this option is lost.  So if you want to change the streams account you need to scroll all the way to the top so that this option is displayed. If there was a way of changing the streams account via the long press context menu then the user can alter the stream account at any point within the feed.

Another minor annoyance in the ‘Whats New’ screen is the way it refreshes any stale content.  In the Twitter App on my old Android phone it would display a line break between old and new content.  So if you refreshed the stream you can see  a clear divide between recent and old statues. With the people hub the old statues are moved to the bottom or removed from the feed.

Browsers history

The browser tabs seem to lose their history when the browser is suspended by going back to the homescreen or changing application.  For example, if you navigate around the web  and then change to another application and then go back to the browser again, the back button no longer works. In fact the back button closes the browser and takes you back to the home screen or the application you were just using.

Overall I am very impressed with the phone.  It handles any errors well and doesn’t feel like a Windows product because sofar it just works and works well. There are no BSOD’s in sight and the voice recognition is pretty good.

The list above is mainly me being nit-picky and I dont think this should detract from the progress Microsoft has made in the Mobile market.  This is streets ahead of the old Windows mobile operating system and in my opinion the user interface is on par if not more advanced than the iPhone




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