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For Petes Sake Stop Using IE7

Written by: Peter Fisher on September 30, 2012
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IE7 No More

IE6 and 7 should be put in the trash

Internet Explorer Severn (IE7) is 6 years old and two versions out of date.  So for Petes sake stop using the damn thing, do all the web designers a favour and upgrade to IE9 or better still, move to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

According to the W3C browser statistics IE7 accounted for 1.8% of browser usage in August this year (2012). This is quite surprising as browser vendors are issuing automatic  updates every week or so.  I would of thought that this figure of IE7 users would be less than 1% like IE6.

IE7 is the new IE6 in the web development world. It’s becoming such a pain that some online shops are imposing a tax when it is used.

Who is to blame

Unfortunately the main reason why peolpe are still using IE7 is because they are forced too.  Many company computers still run Windows XP and haven’t jumped to Windows 7 yet.  The default browser  in XP is IE7 and many companies control how their computers get updated instead of allowing automatic updates to occur. This means that a vast amount of computers run legacy browsers.

Lets wipe it off the face of cyberspace

Now i’m not saying that we should tax customers if they are using older browsers. I think education and knowledge sharing is the key. In my article For Petes Sake Stop Using IE6 I showed you how to promote upgrading to IE8 using a banner. You can replace this with the following from theie7countdown:

<!--[if IE]>
<div style='clear: both; height: 112px; padding:0; position: relative;'><a href="">
<img src="" border="0" height="112" width="348" alt="" />

This banner will take the user to which  recommends upgrading the browser to a updated version.


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