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A PIE a day keeps IE at bay

PIE a small hack that makes Internet Explorer versions 6, 7, 8 and 9 capable of displaying certain CSS3 decorative features.

When to stop supporting old browsers

Supporting old browsers

Dropping support for a browser version is always tricky. you don’t want to alienate your client base by only working on specific versions. At the same time you dont want put in more work then you need if that browser will not be used.

For Petes Sake Stop Using IE7

IE7 No More

Internet Explorer Severn (IE7) is 6 years old and two versions out of date. So for Petes sake stop using the damn thing, do all the web designers a favour and upgrade to IE9 or better still, move to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

CSS Hacks are not ok

In response to the article David Walsh wrote GET OVER IT! 6 Things Web Developers Need to Get Over I have to disagree on point 2 (Get Over It CSS Hacks are OK!).