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Fixing broken widgets in WordPress admin


Recently I was asked to fix some broken features in a WordPress admin system. Now WordPress have an active release cycle and so it’s admin system is usually quite stable, so my first guess was a recent plugin update may of broken something.

C++ Video Tutorial Switch Statements and Conditions

In the last part of tutorial two from Reconnectworks we are shown how to finish the simple command line calculator using C++. This tutorial demonstrates how to write switch and conditional statements as well as while loops.

Adding Google Web Fonts To A Website

Use Google Web Fonts to make your site standout

The standard set of fonts on the web are pretty boring. These fonts are ‘web-safe’ and can be used on multiple browsers. Here is a table taken from ampsoft of all the mundane fonts that can be safely used on the web. We can spice up the web typography by using Google Web Fonts

Why do we have so many PHP frameworks

PHP is a web based programming language

This morning I commented on a question in the Linkedin PHP Contractors Group. The questions was ‘Why do we have so many PHP frameworks and more are yet to be released?’ Here is my explanation

Create a popunder in JavaScript

Javascript Script Tag

How to create a JavaScript Popunder window. A JavaScript popunder window is a new browser window that opens without removing the browser focus from the orginal window. Popunder windows are oftern used in marketing spam and downloads.