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Adding arrays together while preserving keys in PHP

PHP is a web based programming language

In this post I will demonstrate how to add arrays together without losing or reassigning the arrays keys in PHP. This is handy if you want to combine two arrays which have defined keys.

jQuery 2.0 drops support for IE 6 to 8

Javascript Script Tag

jQuery 2.0 is dropping support for IE6 to 8. This is good news for developers and websites

My thoughts on Ubuntu Adware

Linux penguin Tux

Recently Canonical announced that in Ubuntu 12.04 Amazon adverts will be included in Unity search results. This would mean that desktop searches through Unity will now be sent to Amazon and in return Amazon adverts will be included in the search results. Now this could spark up privacy concerns but lets face it, lots of […]

Cheltenham Geek Night Open Source Talk by Upayavira

Last night I went to my first Cheltenham Geek night and I was impressed by groups organisation and the turnout. The theme of the night was Open Source with a talk from Upayavira titled a ‘Talk and Discussion on Using and Contributing To Open Source Projects’. Upayavira is a the VP of Fundraising at the Apache Software Foundation. He runs a Odoko Ltd which provides Open Source training and consultancy.

Converting an mp4 file to an avi file using ffmpeg

Linux penguin Tux

This post is mostly for my own reference as I keep forgetting the correct parameters. To convert an MP4 file to an AVI file use ffmpeg and supply the codecs like so