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CSS Hacks are not ok

In response to the article David Walsh wrote GET OVER IT! 6 Things Web Developers Need to Get Over I have to disagree on point 2 (Get Over It CSS Hacks are OK!).

Dell Mini 910

eBay has always been my favored on-line bargain bin for anything gadgetry. The most recent eBay steal is a Dell Mini 910 Netbook.

And for my next trick

So I made the decision the other year to draw a line under graphics design and animation. It wasn’t an easy thing for me to do. Most of my best grades at university were in 3D animation and Flash development. The reason for my change of tact is simple, I fell in love with programming […]

Remove from array by value

PHP is a web based programming language

In this how to post I demonstrate a class method that I have created that removes array items by its value rather then its index. The method has the ability to remove all occurrences of the the value from the array in question or just the first occurrence.