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Six reasons why I like Trello

Written by: Peter Fisher on December 19, 2011
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Trello Organize anything, togetherTrello is a lightweight planning and organization tool for individuals and teams. I use it at work as a project management aid and at home to store any personal to-do lists.  Here are six reasons why I like it.

Trello is simple

Theres no need to read manuals or instructions. Its very quick to pickup. It took me about 5-10 minutes to understand the concept of boards, cards and lists. Trello doesn’t force the user to categorize tasks or follow a defined model.  Instead Trello allows the user to create cards and lists in whatever manner they choose.

Trello is free

Yep no subscription fees or one off payments.  Its open to everyone and anyone.

Logging into Trello can be done via Google

Theres no need to create another username and password.  If you have a Google account then you can login using that and get started right away.

Trello is constantly being improved

The guys at Frog Creek listen  to their user base and continue to improve the software.  Recently they improved the voting mechanism which allows members of a board to vote upon a card.

Trello can be used on mobile devices

The application can be accessed via any smart phone or browser which means you can update your cards on the go.  This is must have feature for me as I am not always at a computer when I’m completing a task.

Trello is great for managing peolpe and teams

The interface is clean and simple.  At a glance a user can see all the cards, who is assigned to them, any cards which are not being worked on and a real time activity list.

So far I’ve used Trello without any complaints so hats off to the Frog Creek team.

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Peter Fisher is a web developer working in Gloucester UK. Founder of the digital agency Websomatic, author of this blog and the HowToCodeWell Youtube channel. Peter has over ten years of web development experience under his belt

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4 Responses

David Jones says:

God knows those peolpe need managing

Sam Benson says:

@David Jones – they sure do. Especially by the people at “Frog Creek”!

Sandeep says:

Awesome App.. Very light weight and does things faster ..