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How to stop Google Analytics from tracking your IP

Written by: Peter Fisher on November 13, 2011
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Google Analytics is a tool that tracks vistors and records traffic sources

Google Analytics is a tool that records how visitors found and use your site.

Google Analytics is a must have tool for SEO junkies. I’ve recently added it to a few of my own sites but unfortunately  I didn’t setup any filters. I started working on a site locally over the weekend and forgot the  tracking code was still active.  This meant that for two days the site had a massive spike in direct visitor hits. Of course this was me refreshing the pages as I was constructing the site. So if your developing a site which has Google Analytics enabled, make sure your excluding your IP from being recorded. Lesson learnt!

So here is a guide showing how to  exclude your IP from Google Analytics.

1) Firstly find your IP using

2) In Google Analytics select the site you wish to update

3) Click on the edit link in the actions column (As shown below)

Changing Google Analytics settings

4)  The page will now show an overview of the settings for the site.  In the Filters section click add filter (As shown below).

Adding Filters in Google Analytics

5) The next page has options for the filter. You want to choose Exclude from the first drop down, traffic from the IP addresses from the second and that are equal to in the third.  Now add your IP address and a name for the filter.  After that, click Save changes.

Excluding an IP address form Google Analytics

Once saved your IP address will not be recorded by Google Analytics for that site.

My advice to anyone adding Google Analytics is to set these filters up first, otherwise your going to get screwy data.

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