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Christmas 2011 Count Down

Today I took a break from studying to make the Christmas Count Down. The count down is made from the following mashups

Six reasons why I like Trello

Trello Organize anything, together

Trello is a lightweight planning and organization tool for individuals and teams. I use it at work as a project management aid and at home to store any personal to-do lists.
Trello is a fantastic tool to help teams get organized and individuals to plan out their work. Here are six reasons why I like it.

wordCounter jQuery plugin is added to Noupes top 40 list

I’m delighted to announce that Noupe has included the jQuery wordCounter plugin on their 40+ Useful and Fresh jQuery Plugins post. I’m over the moon that Nousheen Aquil from the Curious Side of Smashing Magazine would think this plugin worthy for the list.

How to stop Google Analytics from tracking your IP

Google Analytics is a must have tool for SEO junkies. I’ve recently added it to a few of my own sites but unfortunately I didn’t set up the filtering so Analytics thought I was a visitor. I started working on a site locally over the weekend and forgot the tracking code was still active. This meant that for two days the site had a massive spike in visitors. Of course this was me refreshing the pages as I was developing the site. Lesson learnt!

So heres how to exclude your IP from Google Analytics.

wordCounter jQuery Plugin now prevents further input

As requested by Irvin in a comment on the wordCounter documentation, I have updated the plugin to prevent further input if the limit is reached. Unfortunately the original implementation didn’t allow additional features to be included without a lot of re factoring.  So I decided to recode the plugin from scratch. From the the git […]